Simply schedule a pickup below and then congratulate yourself for supporting PC Upcycling and responsible e-waste management.

Here’s what you get by using the Reuse & Recycle Service:

  1. Free pickup in Squamish or Whistler.
  2. Secure hard-drive wiping and free certificate of destruction.
  3. $10 credit for each desktop, laptop, or server

What happens to the old equipment?

  • Usable parts are upcycled into improved systems and/or turned into Linux appliances.
  • Parts and upcycled systems are used to offer low, affordable replacements as part of the Computer Repair Service
  • Broken parts are recycled through Encorp’s E-Waste recycling stream

Why not donate equipment to community / non-profit organizations?

There is absolutely no reason not to support these groups and you are fully encouraged to do so.  Hard working volunteers create  opportunities for many different members of our community through recycling, reselling affordable systems, and training and education programs.

In the Sea To Sky area, please support the Hotspot Community Resource Center:

38027 Cleveland Ave, Squamish, BC V8B 0B8
Phone:(604) 815-4142
Hours:  Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Why not take equipment directly to Return-It Centers?

  • Usable parts don’t have the opportunity to be re-used by individuals, businesses, or the community
  • No pickup service
  • No hard-drive wiping or credit note

Don’t forget to erase your hard drives!

Securely erase the contents of your drives to protect your privacy before donating equipment to volunteer, community, or Return-it depots.

Request Pickup

Complete the form and someone will be in touch shortly to arrange a pickup time.

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Thanks for supporting PC Upcycling and re-use!

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