The process of Upcycling a PC  gives new value, boosts performance, and extends usable life.  It’s a sustainable choice for planet and pocket-book.

Upcycling can be in the form of:

  1. Frankensteining:  Building a more powerful computer using parts salvaged from others.
  2. Installing a Linux appliance, which performs faster than Windows on the same hardware.

Learn more about upcycling and what to do with your old computer, or schedule a pickup of your old equipment.


PC Upcycling depends on the equipment available and the end-user needs:

  • Requirements / Needs analysis.
  • Current hardware assessment.
  • Hardware mix-and-match and upgrades.
  • Install and configure Linux appliances and/or  hardware, with ongoing support.
  • Responsibly re-use, donate, or re-cycle extra and broken components.

Please request an estimate for this service.

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