A simple way to get your PC back to its original glory.  The flat-rate fee includes everything below with a 24-hour turn-around time, and addresses all the common causes of computer clutter and slow-down.



  • BIOS
  • Hardware Drivers
  • Windows / OS
  • Common Applications: Java, Acrobat Reader, Firefox, Chrome, Office, Adobe Flash
  • Anti-Virus definitions


  • Unnecessary tool bars
  • Unwanted add-ons
  • Excessive start-up applications
  • Trial / Expired software
  • Bloatware (factory installed applications you don’t need or want)
  • Malware (programs that contain trojans, back-doors, pop-ups)


  • Vacuum and air-dust case, fans, and air-intakes for a cleaner, quieter, cooler computer.
  • Detect and repair hard disk errors.
  • Analyze and defragment (if required) disks.


  • Windows Registry
  • Cookies
  • Old Profiles
  • Recycle Bin / Downloaded Programs / Temporary Files
  • Viruses / Malware via full system scan
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