ThingSpeak Java Client

ThingSpeak is a cloud server and open-source project to collect, analyze, and display data collected through the Internet of Things.   It uses a simple API to allow devices to push data into channels, then do something meaningful with the results.

Because of the simplicity of the ThingSpeak API, client libraries (in whatever language) aren’t always necessary for applications in which a networked device pushes data to a ThingSpeak channel.  The purpose of the ThingSpeak Java client is to enable non-networked Device-to-ThingSpeak gateways and other applications for performing advanced analysis of data feeds.

For example, by combining the ThingSpeak Java Client with the Xbee API  an XBee-to-ThingSpeak gateway can be built for storing and analyzing IO sample data from an XBee network.  While perhaps not as sophisticated as an IO 204 Web Gateway, or a Digi Connect Port running XIG, the ThingSpeak Java Client allows developers to easily use the ThingSpeak platform with Java or Processing applications.

The ThingSpeak Java Client code is hosted on GitHub.  Please see the README for details and installation instructions.


2014-11-06 – v1.1 released.  Improved tests and a few minor bug fixes.

2014-09-11 – A ThingSpeak appender has been added to the project, which allows ThingSpeak channels to be updated using Apache’s log4j.

2014-01-19 – Read about the ThingSpeak Java Client on the ThingSpeak Community Blog.